Good Web Bundle offers 50% off site and app memberships

Good Web Bundle offers 50% off site and app memberships

A limited time offer called the Good Web Bundle is offering 50% off five services if you purchase them as part of a pack.

The Good Web Bundle is similar to the Humble Indie Bundle, but not associated with the service other than sharing a similar name. For just $96 US, you get a year’s subscription to Metafilter, MLKSHK, Newsblur, The Toast and ThinkUp.

In case you don’t want subscriptions to some of the services, you’re given single-use codes that you can give away to a friend and still save money by redeeming the others.

Anil Dash, co-founder and CEO of ThinkUp told us that the sites in the bundle are unique as “all of [them] have comments that are actually fun, instead of being full of people being awful to each other” and noted that “half the founders are women.”

He also said that “the point here is these sites are all about having fun on the Internet, in a way that seems almost old-fashioned these days.”

The deal is only valid for 50 days from today, so make sure you get in quickly and don’t miss out!

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