Snowball for Android consolidates your messaging apps into a single place

Snowball for Android consolidates your messaging apps into a single place

Messaging is everything now. But it’s also everywhere on your phone. Snowball wants to grab all those messages and put them in an easy to launch and read stream.

Launched today, the Snowball app for Android grabs messages from Twitter, Slack, Snapchat, Facebook, Line, WeChat, Hangouts and SMS. Because the app’s notification element resides above the app layer, you can access those messages from anywhere in Android. The app puts your messages in a easy to follow stream of conversations. It’s like the “all inboxes” feature in a mail client with each messaging app acting as an email account.

The notification element looks like Facebook’s chat heads but instead of a picture of your friend, it’s a yeti. Just tap on the yeti to jump right into the app. The mythical creature can be pushed out of the way while you’re using other apps, but you can see it peeking along the edge of the display whenever you want to send or read a message.


“We didn’t want to build another social app, we wanted a way for all of our existing social apps to work better together” said co-founder and CEO Anish Acharya. Instead he and co-founder Jeson Patel wanted to reduce the friction of having to launch multiple apps to communicate with friends and family.

Considering how the the app sits above the app layer, it’s Android only for right now, but an iOS version could be on the horizon. “I think we’ll get there,’ says Acharya.

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