BitTorrent opens its P2P messaging app Bleep alpha to the public, unveils logo, debuts Mac and Android apps

BitTorrent opens its P2P messaging app Bleep alpha to the public, unveils logo, debuts Mac and Android ...

BitTorrent today announced its privacy-focused P2P messaging platform Bleep is now available as a public alpha. In addition to the Windows app, the company has also released Mac and Android versions.

Less than two months ago, BitTorrent released an invite-only alpha of Bleep for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Thanks to feedback from the Bleep Alpha test group, the company has fixed enough bugs to make the Bleep Alpha available to any willing tester.


To mark the occasion, BitTorrent has also unveiled the official Bleep logo (as shown above) and offered this description:

This has been inspired by the simplicity of a folded note. You write a message, fold it up, and hand it to your friend. It is fast and efficient. There is no middleman. The image of a folded note is designed to be a symbol of speed, privacy, and peace-of-mind in the digital age.

Bleep testers can sign-up with an email or mobile number, or they can access the client in incognito mode, which means they share no personally-identifiable information. They can also import their Google address book contacts, and invite friends to Bleep via email, SMS, QR code, or a public key.

Formerly known as BitTorrent Chat, Bleep offers end-to-end encryption for every message sent through it, and ensures to only store content locally on your device. Users have the option to delete their encrypted message history, leaving no trace of conversation behind.


While that sounds great, you can expect the alpha to come with known (and unknown) issues and bugs. While you can receive messages on multiple devices, sent messages are not shown across all devices. Also, communications can only occur when all parties are online – offline photos and group chats cannot be sent asynchronously.

BitTorrent warns Android users that they will need to set the app to “WiFi Only” unless they have an unlimited data plan. The company is still working on reducing battery and data usage. Furthermore, while Bleep lets you move an existing account from desktop to mobile, it does not yet support moving an existing account from Android to Windows or Mac.

If these issues don’t faze you, you can download the new public alpha now at the links below.

Bleep for Windows | Mac | Android

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