Speek looks beyond conference calls and now wants to disrupt the online meetings market too

Speek looks beyond conference calls and now wants to disrupt the online meetings market too

Last year, we brought you the lowdown on Speek, a startup that’s setting out to disrupt the conference call market with simplicity and WebRTC.

In a nutshell, Speek offers an easy way to organize and join a conference call – no downloads, PINs or complicated setting up required. The call initiator/organizer sets themselves up with an account and secures their own username, which subsequently serves as a unique link for all future conference calls – this would look like: speek.com/YourName.

This link is then used by anyone who wishes to join the call, and can be disseminated by email, instant message, text message or even verbally – the recipient is then given direct access to the virtual conference call room. There are mobile apps too.

Though it has clearly always been an enterprise-focused company, the Washington, DC-based company is today lifting the lid on a new ‘Speek for Business‘ product that will extend its reach beyond that of the conference call market, and into the broader online meetings space. Indeed, Speek co-founder and President Danny Boice says they’re going after the likes of WebEx, Join.me and GoToMeeting, fresh from its $5.1 million Series A round back in March.

How it looks

Through the main dashboard, you’ll manage all your company’s activities. You will get a customized URL for the conference calls, and this can also be completely branded with your own logo, links, social media accounts, and colors.


Integral to any online meeting is screen-sharing – and Speek now offers this too, while users can also upload documents to show them to all participants.


In terms of costs, well, Speek for Business will set you back $19/user per month, which is paid by those who organize the meetings. So if you’re looking to invite clients, to participate, for example, they obviously join in meeting for free.

Speek for Business is available now.

Speek for Business

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