RunKeeper and Kiip team up to offer you discounts and freebies just for working out

RunKeeper and Kiip team up to offer you discounts and freebies just for working out

When it’s raining outside or you’re tired after a long day at work, summoning the motivation to go running can be difficult. Today, RunKeeper is providing an extra incentive through a new rewards program courtesy of Kiip, which offers discounts, freebies and other optional prizes as you hit new milestones and improve your fitness levels.

The exact criteria for unlocking these rewards is unclear at the moment, although RunKeeper has hinted that they’ll pop up “from time to time” after you’ve “accomplished something awesome.” Perhaps that ambiguity is for the best; if you knew exactly which milestones would unlock goodies, I suspect it would be possible for users to team up and game the system.

RunKeeper rewards

“It’s our way of giving you kudos when you really deserve it,” the company said. “We’re carefully hand-picking rewards from brands that will help keep you motivated to hit your goals. And it’s all possible thanks to our friends at Kiip.”

One of the prizes that RunKeeper is pushing is a new Pebble smartwatch. Again, it’s unclear if this will be free or discounted – but either way it’ll be appreciated if you’re in the market for one of its new, colorful wearables.

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