Automatic life-logging diary app Rove roves onto Android

Automatic life-logging diary app Rove roves onto Android

Automatic ‘diary’ app Rove has been gradually iterating on iOS for some time, and today it’s made the leap to Android.

Rove is designed to bridge the gap between apps like Facebook’s Moves (that track your activity) and those like Timehop that present old memories in an attractive way. It logs the places you go, how you get to them and the photos you take when you’re there – the idea being that you can later look back to remember days gone by in detail.

The app is largely a private journal, although if you’re particularly fond of a particular day, you can share it with friends. While data about Rove users’ activities is stored on developer ZeTrip’s servers, it has a plain-English privacy policy about how it’s handled, which really should be standard practice for consumer-focused apps these days.

Rove locations

Rove as it is today is only part of the ultimate vision. ZeTrip CEO Edouard Tabet tells us: “Further down the road we will develop the tools to help you gain better insight and discover things you didn’t know or quantify about yourself.” However, that doesn’t mean it’s going to turn into another Fitbit or Moves; “there are enough teams trying to solve this problem,” he says.

Rove [Android / iOS]

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