Fleksy’s smart Android keyboard now supports Arabic, with Chinese on the way

Fleksy’s smart Android keyboard now supports Arabic, with Chinese on the way

Fleksy has finally unveiled plans for two major languages on its smart Android keyboard — Chinese and Arabic — opening up the app to hundreds of millions of potential new users.

Arabic is now already launched on Fleksy with the latest app update, albeit in a beta version. At the same time, the update also introduces four new themes for those interested in prettifying the interface with custom looks.


Chinese support, however, is coming soon — there isn’t a specific timeline yet, but you can register on a sign-up page to be informed when the beta launch rolls out. Fleksy has released a demo video showing how Chinese input will work, performed on a Xiaomi Mi 3 phone.

This comes as Fleksy has been aggressively expanding the number of supported languages on its platform, which now stands at 40 from just a mere two languages earlier this year. Last month, it added support for an additional 17 languages, including Norwegian, Catalan and Hebrew.

Fleksy was one of the first companies to announce its plans for iOS 8, when Apple’s operating system will finally allow system-wide keyboards from third-party developers. Today’s news ties in with that launch too, as Fleksy previously said it will have 40 languages available for iOS 8 on launch.

The Fleksy keyboard app with full-fledged features is free for the first month, after which it will cost you $3.99.

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