NFL Mobile for iOS gets a much-needed redesign ahead of the new football season

NFL Mobile for iOS gets a much-needed redesign ahead of the new football season

The new NFL season is edging closer and if you’re itching for a quick football fix, the updated NFL Mobile for iOS app is worth checking out. The design has been given a much-needed overhaul, in particular regarding the home screen and slide-out navigation menu.

Everything looks a little cleaner and lighter than before, and the app’s creators have done a better job of utilising available screen space. The home section, for instance, is no longer restricted to news stories; here you can review scores and upcoming fixtures, jump to live videos and read the latest news pieces or analysis. In short, you get more information with a single glance, limiting the scenarios where you have to manually root around in the menus.

Here, you can see the old (left) and new (right) design side-by-side.


The updated NFL Mobile app has a couple of new features too. In addition to setting your favorite team, the app lets you pick a second squad to “watch” and receive the latest scores, highlights and news. If there’s another team you like to root for, or a close rival that you want to keep tabs on, this should prove useful.

The developers have also made a live stream of “Fantasy Live” available for all NFL Mobile users and added live streams of Sunday CBS and FOX matches for Verizon Premium and MORE Everything subscribers.

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Featured image credit: Rich Schultz /Getty Images

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