Vimeo for Apple TV updated with simplified navigation, Vimeo On Demand, content filter, and more

Vimeo for Apple TV updated with simplified navigation, Vimeo On Demand, content filter, and more

Vimeo today updated its Apple TV app with a slew of new features. They include simplified navigation, continuous playback, Vimeo On Demand support, content filter for logged-in users, and overall easier browsing.

First of all, let’s take a look at the simplified navigation. The old menu has been cut down “to the essentials” and placed at the top of the screen for easier access (discover videos, check your feed, access your Watch Later queue, videos, likes, and collections).


Continuous playback has been added as well: just press the play button on your remote while any video thumbnail is selected. You can now also hit the “more” button on a video to see other videos from that creator (along with related Albums, Channels, and Groups) as well as quickly like or add a video to your Watch Later queue by holding down the center (select) button on your remote.

If you’d rather get recommendations from Vimeo, the company’s monthly Staff Favorites Albums will show you the best of the best, as well as winners of its Vimeo Weekend Challenges and curated Channels. These are also available for Roku, Xbox, and Fire TV users.


Next up, Vimeo On Demand support has finally been added. You can watch trailers, add titles to your Watch Later queue, and purchase independent films to add them to the My Videos section.

The app now respects your content filter preferences when you’re logged in. If you’re logged out, it will show you only content that is safe for all audiences.


All in all, this is a big release for Apple TV users. This is an update you won’t want to skip.

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