Issuu launches Clip to help users and publishers share the best of its 16m publications

Issuu launches Clip to help users and publishers share the best of its 16m publications

Publishing platform Issuu now hosts 16 million publications but sharing highlights from all those magazines, books and documents hasn’t been easy until today with the launch of a new feature called Clip.

Clip allows readers to highlight any section of a page and share it with a comment to popular social networks or via email. You can also browse clippings that others have made from any publication to see what they’re interested in.

Publishers can create their own clippings to promote particular content, and they’ll receive analytics about the popularity of all the clippings from their documents, giving them insight into what’s working well for them on Issuu.


Any document hosting company has the problem that there can be valuable information stored on their servers that many users don’t ever get to because static documents are harder to search and explore than Web pages. CEO Joe Hyrkin says that Clip is about “enabling people to share more granularly about their interests and passions.”


Hyrkin says that since January this year, Issuu has seen 30 percent growth in publishers uploading content. That’s a notable increase, given that Issuu is a well-established name with eight years of operation under its belt.

He puts the growth down to publishers increasingly making digital their primary medium, requiring distribution and monetization but not wanting the hassle and expense of building their own infrastructure.

Issuu Clip launches today on the Web and in Issuu’s Android app.

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