Mynd’s smart calendar gives you the entire day at a glance with a premium version to manage your every minute

Mynd’s smart calendar gives you the entire day at a glance with a premium version to manage your ...

Scheduling has become hectic. This is especially true when you’re dealing with multiple calendars and your day ends up looking like a blob of bars and colors and events and where am I supposed to be at 5:30? The Mynd smart calendar app arranges that daily nightmare into an easy to read, single-page brief.

2014-07-08 08.51.20Today, that app was updated to work with your Linkedin and iPhone contacts, to let you share Evernote notes from within an event and create and assign categories to events. There’s also an Inside Mynd premium feature that can be added via in-app purchase. It’s meant to help you see where and with whom you’re spending your time.

If you’re spending most of your week in meetings with the same people, it’s a good way to determine that maybe, those meetings could be more productive. The feature also lets you set goals and see how much time you’re working towards those goals. It’s great for getting into an exercise routine or even setting aside a few hours a week to relax.

“We want people want to understand how their time is being spent,” Max Wheeler, CEO of Mynd told TNW. “Especially busy professionals who get around a lot.”

To that end, the app learns how you spend your time and starts auto-categorizing events for you. If you always meet with a John Smith for business meetings, after a few meetings the app will tag every time you see Mr. Smith as a business event.

For those professionals, the premium version  of the gives real-time to leave alerts for upcoming meetings, based on traffic information and will even track and export the miles you’re traveling. Great for expense reports.

These new features sound like they would add clutter to a calendar app that’s supposed to reduce the headache of planning your day. But it doesn’t. It’s still a great way to quickly glance at your day, see who you’re meeting with and make sure you don’t miss that 5:30 meeting with your boss.

Mynd is free; the premium service is available via in-app purchase for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

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