Sparks for iOS lets you create rich visual messages with text, images and GIFs

Sparks for iOS lets you create rich visual messages with text, images and GIFs

There’s yet another new social sharing app on the block, but this time the messages include GIFs. Sparks is an iOS app which lets users create a “spark” — visually expressive messages — in seconds by combining text with pictures and animated GIFs.


Users can choose from “millions” of pictures and GIFs across the Web or use their own photo, then type a quick thought — rather like a tweet or Facebook status posting. For a change in mood, users can also edit the spark with filters. They can then publish these sparks into channels in the app — sports, TV, politics and more — and even share the sparks to Facebook or Twitter, or embed them as below.

Sparks was co-founded by Evan Tana, who is also an entrepreneur in residence at Greylock Partners — which has backed the app, among other investors including Redpoint Ventures and CAA Ventures.

“Sparks was created for those moments when we really want to express our thoughts, reactions or insights on something we’re really into and text just isn’t enough,” Tana said.

The app has had an early limited release in the Bay Area, with claims that local media personalities found the visual posts drove deeper engagement and more reach with fans and friends. “Users don’t have to type 140 characters, now they can combine text with a picture or video to say a thousand words,” the company says.

Sparks for iOS

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