Pinterest finally has a Windows Phone 8 app

Pinterest finally has a Windows Phone 8 app

Slowly but surely, Windows Phone customers are being treated to the same popular apps found on iOS and Android. Today Pinterest made the leap to Microsoft’s mobile OS, giving handset owners the chance to build, share and explore pinboards with the community.

The software, which comes with the same ‘BETA’ label found on Instagram’s Windows Phone 8 app, offers the same grid layout and features found in the company’s other mobile apps. The design is beautiful, although notably it doesn’t come with the Guided Search feature found on iOS and Android.


So while it’s not quite as powerful as its other apps, it does represent a big step forward for both parties. Pinterest is able to target an even larger group of users on mobile, while Microsoft has a stronger app ecosystem on Windows Phone 8.1. When people ask if their favorite app is available on the platform, Microsoft can start saying “yes” a little more often than “not just yet.”

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Pinterest | Windows Phone Store

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