Still playing Dots? Meet its equally addictive sequel, Two Dots

Still playing Dots? Meet its equally addictive sequel, Two Dots

Dots, the Betaworks-owned company that developed the addictive game of the same name, is back with its follow-up: Two Dots.

Like the original title, which racked up 20 million downloads, the object of Two Dots is to find as many vertical and horizontal lines of same colored dots on the grid. As is the way in its  predecessor, finding squares is generally the best way to go about things.

The first Dot game comes with two challenges: go against the clock to get as many points as you can, or a more tactical game that limits users to just 30 moves. Two Dots is based on the latter, but rather than just playing games by yourself or against others, the new game is level-based with each one getting progressively tougher.

Players have a fixed number of lives, and return to the start when they lose them all. More lives can be earned as you progress, but they are lost if you fail to hit the required target within the designated number of moves, or if you quit a level.


Each level challenges you to connect a specific number of each colored dot in order to progress to the next. Once the objectives are met, the level is completed and you are given a score and a rating of up to three stars.

If you were a fan of the 30-move version of the original, like me, then Two Dots will interest you.


Climbing the wall of levels

Two Dots uses the same system of power-up items that give you more time, or other options for clearing dots to reach your target score. Each one can be bought with in-app purchases — which is how the Dots team makes its money.

There is also a multi-player option, while you can connect to Facebook to sync your progress across multiple devices.

I’ll admit upfront that I’m a Dots fan — somehow the game avoided my regular app purges and is still installed on my iPhone. Two Dots is fairly challenging as you progress and I found the level-based format to be pretty engaging — I’ve a feeling that it might replace the original game for me. Others may prefer to stick with the original though.

Two Dots is initially for iOS only. An Android version is expected to arrive before the end of the year.

Interesting, the team behind Two Dots was recruited to work on Dots only be reassigned to work on a new game. Paul Murphy, co-founder and CEO of Dots, says that created an “incredible mix of inspired creativity with a touch of resentment”… and this new game.

Two Dots

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