Djay 2 for iOS update adds access to Spotify’s 20 million tracks to your next dance party

Djay 2 for iOS update adds access to Spotify’s 20 million tracks to your next dance party

Algoriddim announced that its mobile DJing app, Djay 2 can now access Spotify’s 20 million tracks. Plus, its Auto Mix feature is now powered by Echo Nest’s music intelligence program.


The Djay 2 app presents two digital turntables with on-screen representations of a DJing environment complete with faders, speed control and of course the ability to “scratch” vinyl. Today’s update adds the entire Spotify catalog to the app. Previous versions of the app only allowed access to music stored on the device. The Spotify tracks are available for instant access without having to be downloaded to the iOS device.

“Downloading would have been a easier solution, but it kills the experience. We wanted to instantly have it play on the fly.” Algoriddim CEO, Karim Morsy told TNW. But in order to access all those tracks you need a Spotify Premium account. The free account won’t cut it. If you’re interested in trying the feature out, you can try Spotify Premium free for seven days if you sign up from within Djay 2.

0521_djay3The Echo Nest integration gives the app the power of intelligence music to choose a track or list of tracks similar to a target song. The feature is put to work by the Auto Mix and Match features. Auto Mix creates a list of songs based upon that original song for hands-off listening.

While many services offer that feature, where the Echo Nest integration really shines is when it’s used by the Match feature during DJing. Select Match and the app searches Spotify for a track to the song playing on the current deck and returns a companion song in seconds. Helpful when you spin yourself into a corner and don’t know what to play next.

To mark the occasion, Algoriddim is offering Djay 2 for iPhone free for one week. The iPad version won’t be free, but it will be available for $4.99, that’s a 50 percent saving on the usual price.

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