adds Meet Me Now feature to make it easier to catch your ride adds Meet Me Now feature to make it easier to catch your ride

European ride-sharing service has today launched new features for its mobile apps designed to make it easier for passengers to meet up with drivers.

While focuses on providing longer inter-city travel (the company says the average journey is 125 miles) it still needs to stay visible, adaptable and where appropriate, competitive with shorter hop ride-sharing services like Wundercar

CarpoolingMeetMeNowTo that end, from today, users of the German version of the app have access to a new feature called Meet Me Now that provides passengers with photos and details of the car and driver, as well as providing the GPS location of Carpooling participants on your journey.

The idea is that by providing visual information alongside location tracking, meeting at big landmarks – like train stations – should be all the easier.

In order to preserve the privacy of users, participants can only view the GPS location of others within 15 minutes before and after the scheduled departure time. It’s also opt-in, so if you really don’t want to share your location, there’s no obligation.

For now though, the new feature is only available in the German language version of the apps, but will be available in other languages “in the future”.

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