1Password for Mac and iOS now makes it even easier to create and manage strong passwords

1Password for Mac and iOS now makes it even easier to create and manage strong passwords

In the wake of the Heartbleed bug, many technology companies have been advising users to change their passwords. Managing them all can be an arduous task, so today AgileBits has released new versions of its 1Password apps for Mac and iOS.

Mac: Version 4.3

On the Mac side, it’s now possible to edit items and generated passwords from inside ‘1Password Mini’, a lightweight client that can be activated from the Menu Bar. Searching with the tool will now bring up “everything” tied to the user’s account, including usernames and notes, and for the first time it’s possible to control the client with intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

The regular 1Password for Mac client has been updated too with full-screen support, and the ‘AutoSave’ window will now prompt users to update a saved item whenever they change one of their passwords. When fresh login details are saved, it’s also now possible to specify which “vault” they’re stored inside.

1P4.3 Mac Secure Notes 1Pmini

Other notable improvements include Master Password syncing, the ability to sync data files with a USB drive and also export items in either plain text or as a CSV file. 1Password says organizing items, both inside and between vaults, has also been greatly improved for today’s release.

iOS: Version 4.5

1Password users invested in Apple’s hardware ecosystem also have a new iOS app to experiment with. The company is calling it the “reimagined edition” with a focus on speed, usability and productivity. “This ain’t just a new paint job and an air freshener,” the company jokes.

Search is now a persistent part of the app, and accessible from the top of the Categories tab and other in-app sections, including Logins and Secure Notes. Items can be shared over AirDrop (the sharing menu has been overhauled for iOS 7 too) and it’s now easier to view and edit them inside the app.

1Password for iOS also supports an in-app browser, and today’s update develops it further with a new AutoFill system; logins, identities and credit card information can all be accessed from a single button. There’s also a natural left-to-right swipe gesture for moving forward and backward between pages.

Both updates should be available to download now from their respective app marketplaces. Managing passwords is never enjoyable, but apps such as 1Password make storing and editing a breeze.

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