The new Kiwi Calendar Web app learns your routine to help you achieve work-life balance

The new Kiwi Calendar Web app learns your routine to help you achieve work-life balance

Mobile social gaming company PapayaMobile has opened the beta for Kiwi Calendar, a new Web-first smart calendar app that recommends activities when it thinks you’re working too much. A limited number of Kiwi Calendar beta slots are available today for US users.

While it might come as a surprise that PapayaMobile is releasing a Web app first, the company felt that most users check their calendars on the desktop rather than from a mobile device.

Kiwi Calendar Agenda View

Kiwi Calendar is designed for workaholics. It uses machine learning to study the rhythm of your schedule and then recommend times for you to get out and have fun with your friends. Social sharing features let you show friends what times you’re free without revealing the rest of your calendar. You can also find events that your Facebook friends are planning on going to.

“With many of us committed to demanding jobs, we’re reluctant to pencil in ‘fun’ because we struggle to find a moment for anything else. Kiwi Calendar swoops in to squeeze in an hour or two for exciting activities,” PapayaMobile CEO Si Shen said in a statement.


I haven’t given Kiwi Calendar a try, but the app’s unique features definitely have my attention. I could use a calendar that nudges me when I’m working too hard and can find out what my friends are up to when I get some free time.

If you’re interested in Kiwi’s concept but want to wait for a mobile app, you probably won’t have to wait long. PapayaMobile hinted that it’s working on a native app too, which makes sense for a company with mobile in its name.

Kiwi Calendar

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