Shazam moves to prioritize TV and music video tagging

Shazam moves to prioritize TV and music video tagging


Shazam is revamping its iPhone app today in a bid to encourage more users to adopt – and stick with – the platform. An updated version will be following along shortly for Android too, the company confirmed.

To increase stickiness, the service will put more of a focus on TV results, music videos and providing quick access to song lyrics as soon as a track is matched, as well as places to buy matched music and TV content.

The changes come in a bid to develop Shazam into more of a ‘destination’ than a ‘hub’. As such, the tagging options have been tweaked to encourage users to continue using the service after a song has been matched.

A spokeswoman for the company told us that although the update is going live today, it’s part of a wider redesign that will roll out gradually to all users. So, even if you get the update today, you won’t necessarily have the revamped features and layout until the end of the month, by which time they should be available to all.

The feature update will be making its way across to Android version in the “coming weeks”. The new iOS version is due to go live on the App Store today.

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