This music industry game wants to educate you on the effects of piracy

This music industry game wants to educate you on the effects of piracy

Music Inc is a new game made by UK Music, the Intellectual Property Office and Aardman Animations, that is designed to educate users about the potential damage caused by music piracy.

In it you play the role of the studios and shape the career of an aspiring artist – which includes everything from composing tracks using songwriters and technicians, to making sure the books are balanced. It’s the last point that the game wants to hammer home, by making sure you have to keep a close eye on how piracy affects the profits made from radio plays and online streaming. It’s a pretty crude message, and one that’s likely to reinforce the lowly sums paid out for online streaming royalties as much as the effects of piracy on revenue. The app will be available for iOS and Android devices later today.

A similar, and potentially more effective approach, to education on the effects of piracy was taken by the makers of Game Dev Tycoon who put a bug in the pirated version of the game that made it impossible to win as the player always lost too much revenue to pirated copies of their hit games.

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