Evernote rolls out ‘four times faster’ account syncing

Evernote rolls out ‘four times faster’ account syncing

evernoteIf you’ve noticed your Evernote account getting slower and more bloated of late, there’s some good news. The company is today rolling out new back-end architecture that promises to make your data sync with its servers four times faster.

CEO Phil Libin notes that the previous sync engine was designed when Evernote was running on a dozen servers, rather than 700 across multiple data centers. Consider that it now has 80 million users syncing their data to multiple devices, and you can see why Evernote might have been feeling sluggish of late.

Libin says that the API will be updated to help developers take advantage of the new engine. Today’s news follows his recent promise that the company would build “a better Evernote” in 2014.

➤ Evernote Sync Is Now Four Times Faster [Evernote]

Image credit: Mika Ueno / Flickr

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