StumbleUpon-owned video recommendation service 5by launched for Android and iOS

5by, the video recommendation service acquired by StumbleUpon in September last year, has finally released its first apps for Android and iOS devices.

The service allows users to quickly start watching videos by making suggestions based on certain factors. As well as taking into account the time of day and what mood you’re in (Videos for… ‘Entertaining You’, ‘Showing Your Friends’, ‘In Transit’ etc), it’s also possible to filter video suggestions by length – so if you only have time for a two minute video, it won’t suggest something that’s 10 minutes long.

The company says that over time, the app will learn the preferences of users and will show increasingly personalized range of videos across a number of different genres, including music tracks, celebrities, “weird science”, and news and events.

➤ 5by | App Store | Google Play

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock