OptimizeMe launches on iOS to make sense of your quantified self

OptimizeMe launches on iOS to make sense of your quantified self

There are plenty of ways for us to record data about our activity levels, but what does that data mean? OptimizeMe is a new iOS app launching today that attempts to find out.

You can import data from movement tracking app Moves and log your time spent on a range of activities natively in the app, but the point of it all is the Analyzer section. Here, you’ll find not only graphs of your various activities, from running and cooking to the places you’ve been, but an intriguing ‘Correlations’ display that tries to make sense of the data.

The UI is a little overwhelming once you dig into it as there’s a lot you can customize, track and set goals for if you choose to – those who like to log every detail of their life will be in heaven here but we’d like to see more automatic collection. It’s definitely worth using this app in conjunction with Moves so that at least your walking, running, cycling and location information is collected and imported without you having to do anything.

2014-01-17 17.09.56
2014-01-17 17.30.17

2014-01-17 16.52.32

The interpretations that OptimizeMe draws are still at an early stage but it’s good to see quantitative self moving beyond ‘what’ to questions like ‘why’ and ‘how’. More data sources will be added in the future (including external sources like the weather), which should lead to a richer pool of information from which the app can draw its conclusions.

OptimizeMe [App Store]

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