doubleTwist Airplay Recorder for Android lets you record songs from iTunes radio

doubleTwist Airplay Recorder for Android lets you record songs from iTunes radio

If you’re an Android user with a large library of iTunes songs, then you’re probably familiar with doubleTwist, an app that lets you stream iTunes playlists, videos and photos wirelessly.

Now the team behind the app has come up with doubleTwist Airplay Recorder, which lets users save songs and radio stations that they stream from iTunes to their Android devices.

All you have to do is play something in iTunes on your Mac or PC, then select “dT Recorder” from the AirPlay device list. This seems to suggest, as noted by Engadget, that the app transforms your phone into an Airplay device that will be listed in iTunes.


A good WiFi connection is needed as the recording is a real-time process, and the app will only save a track if the quality of the recording passes muster. The basic app is free, but you can choose to upgrade in-app for higher-quality recordings.

Whether or not this app could raise legal issues, and in turn the ire of Apple, is another matter altogether — but doubleTwist’s co-founder and president Monique Farantzos tells Engadget that recording has been around for decades, and even “Apple built their iPod empire on letting millions of people rip CDs based on fair use.”

Well, ‘fair use’ is really quite subjective in this case — and it seems that doubleTwist Airplay Recorder may not have that long a shelf-life.

Headline image via Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

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