Spill launches iOS and Android apps, expands ’empathy engine’ to high school students and post-grads

Spill launches iOS and Android apps, expands ’empathy engine’ to high school students and ...


Spill, an ’empathy engine’ where students can anonymously share their problems with others in order to receive advice, has launched its first mobile apps for iOS and Android devices today, as well as expanding the reach of the service beyond college students to include high school students and post-grads in the US and Canada.

Although it has previously been available on the Web, these are the first mobile apps for the platform – meaning users can now Spill and respond to messages from an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Although intended for the usual kinds of school and college age issues (like school stress, relationships, problems with room mates, personal issues etc), it has also been used to help at-risk students get in touch with crisis professionals, although the company stresses that it wasn’t designed with crisis situations in mind.

For the remainder of January, Spill is accepting nominations for high schools and colleges that could benefit from having local Spill communities. Parents, students, and alumni can nominate these schools on its IndieGoGo campaign until the end of the month. Individuals who are not affiliated with a school can also contribute by helping to launch Military Spill, a community for active-duty service men and women, veterans, and military spouses, the company said.

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