Coda for iPhone is a collaborative platform for creative writers

Coda for iPhone is a collaborative platform for creative writers

If you have a penchant for poetry, lyric-writing or penning short stories, you likely have your tools of choice – be it a pencil and notepad or laptop. But if you occasionally suffer from writer’s block, then Coda for iPhone could be worth a look.

Costing $1.99 or your local currency equivalent, Coda lets you crowdsource ideas for those next words in your creative piece.

How it works

The first thing I would say is that Coda really needs to make it clear in the app description that this is reliant on Twitter. This is especially true given it’s not a free app – someone might not use Twitter or wish to link up their Twitter credentials with Coda.

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Once in, you can peruse other in-progress pieces from Coda users, while a separate notifications tab tells you if someone has ‘liked’ one of your contributions or submitted something for your approval.


The main menu section takes you to your penned pieces, ‘likes’ and other settings, and you can start composing any time by hitting the little pen icon at the bottom. Now, you can choose to collaborate with other users, or go it alone by selecting ‘solo’ – which basically makes this more of a note-taking app that others can view but not add to.

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You, as the creator, ultimately have the final say in what makes the finished piece, and you hit the ‘this story is finished’ button once you’re happy.

Coda is a nice idea that could be used for any creative writing pieces – be it the first stanza of a poem, verse of a song or whatever you want.

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