Sleep monitoring headband startup Intelclinic wins the LeWeb Paris 2013 startup competition

Sleep monitoring headband startup Intelclinic wins the LeWeb Paris 2013 startup competition

As the third and final day of LeWeb Paris 2013 comes to a close, here are the results of the conference’s Startup Competition.

As the wearable computing space continues to be a hot category in tech, it comes as no surprise that an “Internet of Things” product took home this year’s top spot.

First place: Intelclinic


After reaching its Kickstarter goal in under 24 hours, Intelclinic’s NeuroOn headband measures one’s neural and physical activities to monitor an individual’s sleep quality.

Through its EEG, EOG, and EMG sensors, the mask uses brainwaves, eye movements, and muscle tension information to provide hyper-accurate data (compared to a wristband device, which measures just whole body movements). After a week of nightly data, NeuroOn can calculate a better sleep schedule to improve the user’s rest.

The mask is estimated to sell for $225 and comes with a free mobile app to track the data.

Intelclinic was selected out of a pool of 16 semi-finalists from an initial pool of 700 applicants. Intelclinic was accompanied by two other finalists. Check them out below.

Second place: SocialSafe

socialsafe screenshot

SocialSafe is an app that aggregates and backup all your social network activities and combines them into one set of data.

For those who are data nerds, you use the app to summarize social interactions during a certain life event. By searching for a keyword (LeWeb, for example) or time constraint, SocialSafe can show photos you Instagrammed, tweets you sent, and Facebook statuses posted and create a collection album to share with friends.

In January 2014, SocialSafe will also provide cloud storage – with a mobile component to follow in March. The company hopes the technology will become standard in future computing devices so users will always have one control panel to manage their social network data.

Third place: Flinja


Flinja is a P2P job marketplace that allows employers search for hyperlocal talent. Short for “freelance ninjas,” Flinja lets job seekers post profiles that lists their skills, availability, and location so employers can find freelancers according to the type of work that needs to be fulfilled.

Job seekers and employer can message each other directly from the app. If the job goes forward, users tap the Start button to begin a timeclock. When the job is over, another tap ends the clock, allowing for an accurate invoicing according to hourly rates. Employers can sync their credit card information to the app to pay freelancers directly, and Flinja charges a 15 percent transaction fee.

The idea isn’t the necessarily help job seekers find full time positions, but the utilize the app as a way to gain the work experience needed to find salaried jobs. Flinja is currently available on the Web, with a mobile app to follow.

To watch the Startup Competition pitches, you can check out videos courtesy of HandsOn.TV

Top image: LeWeb

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