Nimbuzz users can now ‘search and share’ videos and other content from inside the chat app

Nimbuzz users can now ‘search and share’ videos and other content from inside the chat app ...

Mobile messaging service Nimbuzz is introducing a new ‘search and share’ feature that lets users exchange videos, movies, restaurants, places, events and other kinds of content without leaving its app.

The new feature — which is powered by Sprylogic’s Poynt service — takes Nimbuzz’s 200 million registered users beyond voice and text messaging via a simple gesture-based system that is integrated into the chat conversation window.

The feature allows users to pull up a search window from their conversation, which then provides results and further details that can be shared with the friend they are talking to. This certainly takes some of the pain out of copying and pasting links or posting screenshots to chat windows, and it will be interesting to see if Nimbuzz extends the content to other categories.

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Unlike more simplistic messaging apps, Nimbuzz is already a content platform in its own right. Beyond messaging, it offers video calls, Skype Out-type calling to international numbers, games, marketing channels for companies and more. The partnership with Sprylogic addressing an increasingly important theme of bringing the Web to messaging apps to keep users engaged.

“We are very excited to introduce these new capabilities to our loyal users, as we continue to innovate with new services that enrich and deepen the chat messaging experience,” said Joby Babu, chief of operations at Nimbuzz.

An updated version of the app — featuring Sprylogic-powered search — is available to Android users worldwide, and will come to iOS users soon.

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