Keepy now lets you preserve family memories on Android

Keepy now lets you preserve family memories on Android

unnamedsKeepy, the intergenerational platform that helps families preserve memories through ‘playlists’ filled with photos, artwork, schoolwork and more, has rolled out for Android.

Keepy launched for iOS back in September and now claims 150,000 users in 90 countries. But with its arrival on Google Play, several new features have been thrown into the mix too across all platforms, including integration with Zazzle to offer printing services directly within the app.

Additionally now when you upload a ‘moment’, be it a photo or scanned painting from school, you can add voice and text comments which are attached to that asset for posterity. Users could already add video comments, so this is an obvious addition to the service.

Keepy has a free service with restrictions, but also offers a tiered pricing structure for those wishing to increase the number of Keepies they upload.

Keepy | Google Play

Feature Image Credit – Thinkstock

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