Spotify app Supper pairs delicious recipes with tasty tunes to listen to while you cook

Spotify app Supper pairs delicious recipes with tasty tunes to listen to while you cook

Music and food go hand in hand. I’m not much of a chef (or rather, I have no culinary skills whatsoever) but I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen as long as I’ve got some great tunes to keep me company.

This is where Supper, a new Spotify app developed by digital app agency Artisan Council, enters the fray. It’s trying to capitalize on this delicious chemistry by pairing mouth-watering recipes with hand crafted playlists that match the heritage or mood of the dish.

The results, not surprisingly, are pretty tasty.

How it works

The app is built around a menu that mimics a page from a luxurious magazine or cookery book. The presentation here is gorgeous; the different typefaces compliment each other beautifully and the simplified, blocky layout makes everything really pop on your tablet, laptop or PC monitor.


Recipes called ‘Supper Specials’ are listed with some crucial details, such as the perceived difficulty and the number of people it’ll serve. Furthermore, each dish is illustrated with a rather stunning Hipstamtatic snap to pique your interest and support your efforts to really nail the final presentation.

The range of recipes is actually quite limited, but you won’t have any trouble finding something to cook because without exception, it all looks pretty scrumptious. To get a feel for the dish, you can also click on the photo to start listening to one of the linked playlists.


Clicking on a recipe page then gives you all of the information necessary to complete the dish. That includes a list of ingredients, step-by-step instructions and a couple of bonus tips for how to serve it once you’ve finished.

The Supper app really comes into its own though because it also offers two playlists created by the recipe’s author. One to listen to while you cook and another to play while you chow down with your friends and family.

The complete track listing is shown within each recipe page, so you’ll never need to click around within the app to skip a particular song or refer back to the recipe’s instructions. It’s all in one place, which is hugely beneficial when your hands are covered in flour or egg yolk.



It’s a neat idea, but the limitations of the Spotify platform (it was never designed with cookery classes in mind) show in some of the recipe pages. The instructions can be just a little too brief sometimes and I would’ve liked some extra photographs to illustrate each step.

These problems aside, Supper has a lot of potential. The recipes have all been created by master chefs from around the world, so they’re all equally brilliant and different. Supper is always on the look out for new submissions too, so hopefully the menu will be refreshed fairly regularly.

Admittedly, it’s not a perfect substitute for a traditional cookbook, but if you’re looking for a new recipe and some killer tunes to create that perfect party atmosphere, Supper could be the answer.

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Image Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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