Mindie is like Vine with a pop music soundtrack

Mindie is like Vine with a pop music soundtrack

Launching today, Mindie is an iOS app based around the familiar idea of allowing you to create short, looping videos. In this case, you get seven seconds to play with (a whole one second more than Vine), but what’s interesting is that before you start recording, you get to choose a song as a backing track.

MindieThe result is a fun app that allows you to create short, shareable micro pop videos, spoiled only slightly by the fact that the music doesn’t always loop nicely over seven seconds. It’ll be interesting to see if the creative types who have helped make Vine so successful take to the added musical dimension, or whether it’s just taken up by lip-syncing teenagers. Either way, it’s a clever use of the iTunes API’s 30-second previews.

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