FindIt for Android is an easy way to search Gmail, Dropbox and Google Drive

FindIt for Android is an easy way to search Gmail, Dropbox and Google Drive

A little over two months after FindIt first launched for iPhone, the email- and file-search app has now quietly rolled out on Android too.

It’s a beautifully designed app, one that currently connects with Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox, though there is scope for opening this up to additional cloud-based services in the future.

There are, of course, other apps designed to help you surface content in your cloud accounts – indeed, the Gmail app itself has a decent search function. But with FindIt, you can opt to search for things by person, time or file-type and, crucially, you can search universally across all compatible services in one fell swoop.


So, for example, you could begin with a generic search such as ‘Annual Report’, and then throw in additional search parameters if required, such as ‘Last 30 days’, or ‘Image’, ‘Spreadsheet’ or ‘Presentation’.

It’s worth noting here that a more granular time-search feature would be great – as things stand, you’re restricted to ‘All Time’, ‘Last 7 Days’ or ‘Last 30 days’, and given you could have emails or files dating back months, it would be good to have the ability to stipulate an exact time-frame for the search.

As noted already, FindIt is a lovely app, and it’s nice to see the Android incarnation not suffer aesthetically. But it would be great to see additional cloud services thrown into the mix too, as well as a tablet-optimized version.

Thought the app’s free to download, you’ll only receive thirty email or file previews each month initially, after which you’ll be asked to share the app with 5 friends, which will unlock unlimited searching for a whole year.

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