Anchor, the ‘Facebook for the workplace’ app, comes to Android and adds Box and Dropbox integrations

Anchor, the ‘Facebook for the workplace’ app, comes to Android and adds Box and Dropbox integrations ...

Tomfoolery, the company focused on creating consumer-quality, mobile-first software for the enterprise, is bringing its inaugural product to Android devices. Beginning today, customers can download Anchor for free and utilize the social platform for work across more individuals. Coupled with this release are new features, including file sharing through Box and Dropbox, a new company directory, and a “streamlined” interface.

Anchor first came onto the scene in June and was billed as being the “Facebook for the workplace”. Essentially, within the confines of the company, employees can interact with one another, share photos and videos, and post links in much of the same way that they would do on Facebook, except that it’s limited to team members.


Company co-founder and Chief Product Officer Sol Lipman says since its initial launch, “the team has been working furiously to deliver our most requested update: an Android version of Anchor.” He continues, “In addition to that, we had a few key features we really wanted to bring online, with document sharing being at the top of that list. The newest version of Anchor provides a consistent experience across the major mobile platforms, and delivers a great asset in keeping teams in sync.”

Here are the new features that customers can now expect in Anchor:

  • File sharing via and Dropbox – By adding Dropbox and Box file sharing support, Anchor lets you share files with your entire team, right in your Anchor feed, all on mobile.
  • Company directory – now you can easily build out your teams on Anchor with the new company directory. Everyone at your company using Anchor is already there, along with their email, phone, and Anchor chat at your fingertips.
  • New streamlined interface – Anchor is now easier than ever to navigate between teams, projects, documents, chats, and much more.

Anchor is also integrated with Evernote, after the feature was added to iOS and Web-based services in August.

Tomfoolery has raised $1.7 million in seed funding to help its mission from investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Morado Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures, and angel investors. To date, it has over 2,500 companies using Anchor.

Anchor for Android

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