Tomfoolery’s Anchor brings Evernote and email sharing into its ‘Facebook for the workplace’ app

Tomfoolery’s Anchor brings Evernote and email sharing into its ‘Facebook for the workplace’ ...

Today, enterprise software provider Tomfoolery released an update for its first product that adds support for Evernote and emails. The new features are aimed at helping a company’s team feel more comfortable easing in to Anchor and will hopefully speed up adoption of the app.

It’s been just over a month since Anchor was launched as an iOS and Web app. It’s billed as “Facebook for the workplace” and lets coworkers share content with one another through a private social network akin to Yammer, Jive, and Salesforce Chatter. Tomfoolery says that it hopes its app will allow teams to foster social connections with the people they work with every weekday.


With its newfound support for Evernote and email, workers can take any post or chat thread in Anchor and export it to their Evernote account or share it with someone via email, broadening the options for communication even with people who don’t use Anchor. In addition, the data created within the app doesn’t need to permanently stay there either.

Anchor has also introduced team administration that lets someone update the group information, including the name, type of privacy, and even remove it from the app.

Lastly, Anchor has improved its invitation process so that getting coworkers to join is made simpler.

Anchor is currently a free-to-use app, at least until September 25. It can be used on the iPhone and the Web, although an Android version is being worked on, as well as a Google Glass edition.

Anchor for iOS

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