SwiftKey launches cloud-based syncing across devices and improved learning

SwiftKey launches cloud-based syncing across devices and improved learning

SwiftKey, an Android keyboard application, is taking its service to new heights. The company launched today in beta its SwiftKey Cloud, a platform that allows users to backup and sync their preferences and device learnings across all supported devices.

Company CMO Joe Braidwood explained it to us: imagine your phone gets stolen, broken, disabled in some way. When you move to your next Android device and install SwiftKey, prior to today, one of the pain points users had is retraining the app to know their behavior, typing style, and vocabulary. With the SwiftKey Cloud, it will sync those preferences so that you’ll never have to spend hours retraining the system.

While the benefits of the cloud come included with this new product, SwiftKey is also offering some additional features. Customers now has better integrations with Gmail and Facebook so that the system can learn from as many sources as possible to better predict what you’re about to type.

What’s more, Yahoo Mail, Twitter, and RSS feeds can be scoured to help with the process. This feature works for those for users who prefer US and UK English and 11 other languages. Additional ones are coming soon.

SwiftKey’s co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock says that with its Cloud offering, users can feel secure knowing that words and phrases that matter to them are “intelligently updated” across all devices and kept safe.


SwiftKey was founded in 2008 and has seen its offering installed on millions of Android devices. It competes against the likes of Nuance’s Swype keyboard, which arrived on Google Play in April with Dragon mobile and dialect support.

The above mentioned features are included as part of SwiftKey’s 4.2 beta release, which is available for free today.

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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