Music industry matchmakers Giggem introduces Auditions to help bands recruit new members

Music industry matchmakers Giggem introduces Auditions to help bands recruit new members

It’s been a little over a month since Giggem officially unveiled its matchmaking platform for the music industry. And today, the Istanbul, Turkey-based startup is introducing an interesting new feature called ‘Auditions‘, designed to help bands recruit new members.

For those who missed the initial launch, Giggem is essentially a professional social network for those who work in the music industry – this includes bands, musicians, managers, agents and record labels. This will shortly be extended to include venues too.


So, if you’re a band in need of a drummer, a drummer in need of a band, or a ‘shirt-and-tie’ looking to discover new talent to sign, this is where Giggem might just help.

Similar to other social networks out there such as LinkedIn, you create a profile and add your music career and background. Giggem then analyzes this profile to suggest some possible matches based on your criteria. That’s Giggem in a nutshell, at least.

Now, with Auditions, a band can tap into an online screening process to find that elusive funky drummer.

How it works

Bands create an Audition, choose which position they are searching for, such as lead guitarist or singer, and then refine this by country, state, and city.

1- Create Audition

It’s worth noting here that you can create private or public Auditions, though naturally the latter will likely garner more interest. The former works on an invite-only basis.

With the audition created, you can now invite people to join (through your Connections), or other users can go looking for auditions in their area.

2- Suggestions-Invite

You can then see a list of who’s applied and ignore/approve accordingly.

When the audition period ends, bands can select one of them to join their band, or ask the most promising ones to meet in real life and audition face-to-face, Glee-stylee.

7- Audition replies

It’s also worth mentioning here that as part of a user’s profile, they can add audio and video to showcase how adept they are at a particular instrument.

Suggested Auditions on Homepage

And naturally, they can search for auditions based on instruments, genre, location and more.


Depending on where you live in the world, you may currently use anything from Craigslist to Gumtree and newspaper ads (yeah, they still exist) to recruit band members, or find yourself a band to join. What Giggem is trying to do is become the preeminent go-to for musicians and industry-types to network – and auditioning is clearly a key part of this process.

The new Auditions feature is live on Giggem now. Meanwhile, check out the official Giggem promo video below.


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