Tangent transforms your iPhone snaps into trippy works of art

Tangent transforms your iPhone snaps into trippy works of art

There’s no shortage of mobile apps geared towards helping mobile photographers shoot and share the world around them. But this latest one to hit our radar might just be worth your time too.

In short, Tangent takes your photos and lets you choose from a selection of trippy frames, shapes and patterns, as well as customize your own effects through adjusting the colors, opacity, rotation, zoom and size.

How it works

First up, you can take a photo on the spot, or upload one from your camera roll.

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Photo 12-07-2013 17 39 40

The app features a selection of pre-set effects, incorporating 15 styles, 39 shapes, 43 background fills and 350 combinations of blends and colors.

It’s worth noting here that there are only 11 shapes and 11 fills for free, you’ll have to pay $0.99 for each of the Artist and Designer’s pack through an in-app purchase to gain access to more.

Photo 12-07-2013 17 39 53
Photo 12-07-2013 17 39 57

Moreover, while you can use any of the pre-set styles, shapes and colors, shifting and tweaking to your heart’s content, you can also choose to ‘Start Afresh’, and create your own trippiness from scratch.

It really is a nice app and, for $0.99 for the basic built-in styles, it’s money well spent as you could lose a lot of hours playing around with Tangent.

Once you’re done, you can save it, start again, or share to another app or social network.

Photo 12-07-2013 17 40 23
Photo 12-07-2013 17 40 44

There’s a slew of artistic-photo apps out there already, such as PowerSketch which we covered last year, transforming your iPhone snaps and videos into artwork. Then there’s PIP, an app dedicated to photo-in-photo effects.

But for customization, usability and all-around prettiness, Tangent is a welcome addition to the App Store.

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