Fancy Hands finally launches its on-demand personal assistant service on Android

Fancy Hands finally launches its on-demand personal assistant service on Android

Fancy Hands, a startup which offers on-demand assistants to help you do things like make restaurant reservations and research trips abroad, has launched its first Android app. This news comes more than four months after Fancy Hands made its debut on the iPhone.

The app, which lets users record audio requests, view task suggestions and include pictures within requests, also packs search so users can find past requests — a feature iOS users have yet to receive.

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It’s noteworthy that request recording does not rely on transcription services — instead, on-staff assistants listen to requests themselves. Fancy Hands founder Ted Roden tell us this has led its beta testers to use the app in unusual places, like while driving.


Additionally, Fancy Hands for Android features a real-time stats screen, which shows off the amount of time the service has saved you on the phone, the number of emails sent, etc. Fancy Hands is also able to suggest tasks based on factors like your location, your calendar, the weather, the date and your history of requests.

If your interest is piqued, download the app via the link below. Unfortunately for new users, you’ll have to register online first. Also, The Next Web readers are in for a treat: You can use the discount code next-web-android for 50% off your first month on monthly plans (only this week), which range from $25 to $65 per month.

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