Fancy takes its design-centric shopping experience to Glass

Fancy takes its design-centric shopping experience to Glass

Today Fancy, a popular design-focused shopping experience for the Web announced that it has created an application for Google’s Glass platform. The app, which you can find here if you are a Glasshead already, has three core experiences: exploring, simple purchasing, and the most fun, matching.

It works much as you would expect, but appears well designed – as you would hope from a company such as Fancy – and potentially quite useful. Exploration is simple: Fancy will show you things that are new with a simple display update. It looks like this:


True to the Fancy ethos of having a business model – half of Silicon Valley just spit up their soup – you can buy things from the service directly on Glass with a single “tap of the touchpad:”


And finally, the best part of the app is its ability to match items to colors. You can snap a photo with Glass, and Fancy will show you items that are similar in hue. This is where Glass can shine: it is with you everywhere you go. Why not allow it to enhance your physical reality?


Quite nice, in my view. Hit the clip below if you are into Glass and Fancy. The takeaway from this is that it isn’t simply big companies with resources to spare that are jumping onto Glass, but instead smaller firms as well; those that have the chops to look ahead, at least.

Top Image Credit: Giuseppe Costantino

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