Speek launches its simple conference call app on Android, but remains US-only for now

Speek launches its simple conference call app on Android, but remains US-only for now

A couple of weeks back, we brought you news on Speek, a startup setting out to disrupt the conference call market with simplicity and WebRTC. And today the service lands on Android.

Just to recap, Speek offers an easy way to set up and join conference calls with your telephone (mobile or otherwise). The call initiator (i.e. those who wish to organize a conference call) set themselves up with an account and secure their own username, which subsequently serves as a unique link for all future conference calls – this could be something like: speek.com/YourName.

They then send that link to everyone who they wish to join in the call – this could be by email, instant message, text message or even verbally – and the recipient is given direct access to the virtual conference call room.

For the launch back in May, Speek also rolled out a WebRTC-enabled VoIP feature which gives access to conference calls through Chrome – this feature remains in beta for now, but is open to anyone around the world. But for people looking to join a call with their telephone number (landline or mobile), this will only work with US numbers for now.

Speek hits Android

As with Speek’s iOS and Windows Phone app, (yes, Windows Phone got some Speek lovin’ first), the Android incarnation remains US-only for the time-being, though it will be rolling out internationally in July.

It’s worth noting at this juncture that the app doesn’t actually use VoIP – it runs entirely over your cellular network, though VoIP will be a fixture in time for the international launch. Obviously this makes sense, as without VoIP we have a very expensive conference call service on our hands.

You can sign-in or create an account directly through the app, then once in you can start a call for other users to join.


You can then notify people that you’re awaiting them – this can be done by phone, email or SMS. Alternatively, you can join an existing conference call if you know the username of the other Speek user. Simply click ‘Join Call’ and you’re good to go.



It may be a crowded space, with the likes WebEx and newcomers such as MeetingBurner vying for the $22.3 billion audio-only conference call market (that’s just North America). But without the need for PINs, codes or any other complex joining instructions, Speek brings more than enough to the table to make a dent if it can can continue to execute its service well enough.

But it needs an international presence beyond the Chrome version, and it needs a security feature to prevent anyone who happens to know the call-initiator’s username joining a call. Both these should be remedied by the end of the summer.

As things stand, Speek is free to use for up to 5 people in each call. For $10/month, you get unlimited participants, and the added ability to share files during the call. You can also record your calls and access the audio transcripts later. But these add-on features are only currently available in the Web-based version.

Also, although Speek is targeting the conference call market, there’s really nothing to stop anyone using this as another VoIP client once this feature is enabled, just like Skype. It’s designed for multiple users, but you can use it with just one person if you so wish.

Speek for Android is available to download for free now.

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