Angry or intimate, ShareMyPlaylists now lets you select Spotify playlists based on mood

Angry or intimate, ShareMyPlaylists now lets you select Spotify playlists based on mood

ShareMyPlaylists has introduced a new feature that lets users select Spotify playlists based on a specific mood.

From today, you’ll see a carousel at the top of the ShareMyPlaylists website, which lets you choose a playlist by genre or mood. Selecting the Moods tab will serve up 12 choices, ranging from Angry all the way through to Party.

“We chose these Moods after extensive analysis of the existing playlists on our site and examining what users enter to search for music on our service,” explains Kieron Donoghue, founder of ShareMyPlaylists.

Chillout Spotify Playlists

Donoghue’s company has carved a niche for itself in the online music space, becoming known as the preeminent go-to for those wishing to share their Spotify playlists.

Way back in early 2009 we first reported on how ShareMyPlaylists was a useful tool for music-lovers. Then, two weeks after Spotify announced its platform for third-party apps last year, the company rolled out its very own music discovery and playlist-sharing Spotify app, while its iOS app relaunched in May to offer a new way to experience Spotify on the move. Earlier this year, ShareMyPlaylists launched an API for developers to tap its Spotify playlist data.

Though the Moods feature is available now via the Web, the feature will be landing in its native iOS and Android apps shortly.

“Offering Moods as a method for music discovery means that our users can instantly find music that matches the frame of mind that they are in at that moment,” continues Donoghue. “Say you’re just home from a hard day at work, simply select ‘Chillout’ and we’ll offer you a choice of playlists hand-curated to relax you.”

Mood-based playlists isn’t an entirely new concept – earlier this year, Aussie songsmith Nick Cave launched a new Spotify app that let users generate playlists for his songs based on topics such as sex, blasphemy, murder, and more.

The new Moods feature is available on ShareMyPlaylists now, with the mobile versions arriving in a few weeks.


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