Serial+ for iPhone is an easy way to manage your software and hardware serial numbers and warranties

Serial+ for iPhone is an easy way to manage your software and hardware serial numbers and warranties

There’s no shortage of warranty and serial number tracking apps, but new kid on the block Serial+ offers an easy-to-use alternative for those wishing to manage both their hardware warranties and software serial numbers from their iPhone.

How it works

Unlike something like xWarranty which lets you record serial and warranty information around all your physical purchases by very specific categories (e.g. ‘computer hardware’, ‘gadgets’ and so on), Serial+ divides your items into two broad categories – software and hardware.

When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to provide a PIN, which you’ll need to enter every time you open Serial+.


To start recording items, hit the ‘Plus’ symbol and you’ll be prompted to add either a piece of software of hardware. Within each category you have very specific description fields including name, serial numbers, warranty-length, purchase date/location and so on. You can even add photos to illustrate each product.


The idea here is that over time, whenever you buy a new piece of software, a new laptop or anything of value that you may need to record for future reference, you add to Serial+ so you don’t have to worry so much about losing receipts, or trawling through your inbox to find when your warranty is due to expire.

Indeed, Serial+ may be particularly useful if you’re burgled or lose/break items, and you need to make an insurance claim which typically requires the full item history.


You can also back up your inventories directly to Dropbox, which is obviously a big win if your iPhone is one of the items that goes walkies. Oh, and you can also export items in plaintext and CSV direct to spreadsheet.

Serial+ was developed by iOS and Mac app developers Enabled Apps, the same folk behind TripList which we covered last year.

“We built Serial+ because we looked around our office and noticed that we have dozens of items with warranties,” explains Enabled Apps’ Ryan Hartman. “But we didn’t have a good way to keep track of which were still valid and which were expired.  It was at that point we decided to build our own app that would handle all of these details in a secure fashion.”

Serial+ is available to download for $2.99 now.

Serial+ | iOS

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