Formisimo: This ‘Google Analytics for website forms’ helps you work out why people don’t click Submit

Formisimo: This ‘Google Analytics for website forms’ helps you work out why people don’t click ...

You can get a lot of information from the way visitors to your website interact with forms. If they’re abandoning the form half way through, maybe you’re missing out on a sale due to needlessly complicated questions, or maybe users on a mobile device find it difficult to fill in?

Google Analytics offers the ability to track usage of Web forms, but it’s not easy to set up. Formisimo, on the other had, is a new service designed to provide in-depth analytics about website forms.

Add a small snippet of Javascript to your website’s footer, and Formisimo will automatically detect the forms on your site and start measuring their use. As the screenshot below shows, the look will be familiar to an Analytics user, just with data specific to forms.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 16.36.14

Completion time, average time to complete each field, popular drop-off points and more are all available, with the ability to set date ranges and see how the performance of your forms has varied over time.

Formisimo has been created by The E Word, a Manchester, UK-based SEO agency that is spreading its wings by developing its own product. We’ve previously covered other agencies in the city making the similar moves (see PR firm SKV’s Video News Agency and Web design company Retrofuzz’s Lanyard).

Formisimo is currently in beta, and you can sign up for a free account now, although activations are being staggered to ensure stability for all. Pricing is as yet unconfirmed but will vary based on the number of websites and user accounts you require.

If you work in sales or any other field where successful completion of forms is often vital to your job, Formisimo should be a real boon.

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