Copy-and-paste service Clipboard cuts its way into cloud storage with new file upload feature

Copy-and-paste service Clipboard cuts its way into cloud storage with new file upload feature

Clipboard, the accurately-named clipping service, is getting into the cloud storage game after adding a new file upload feature that includes 1GB of free space.

The Clipboard team announced the update on Monday, following a revamp of its Clipper browser plugin last month.

Files are limited to a maximum of 25MB and online viewing is supported for a number of file formats, including Word, PowerPoint and PDF. As with regular clips, uploaded files can be kept private or shared either publicly or selectively.

The file limit will keep Clipboard from becoming a cloud-based media storage service, since you probably won’t be uploading video and other large files, so it’s more of a stand-in for photos, documents and other files you’d normally attach over email.


The company says that the feature had been a popular request from its users, and the added functionality broadens the utility of the service. Currently, files aren’t accessible from the Clipboard iOS app, but they should be in an upcoming release.


Clipboard got its start as a simple copy-and-paste bookmarklet in 2011. Last May, the service added a boards feature reminiscent of Pinterest. However, at the time, founder Gary Flake compared Clipboard with Dropbox, not Pinterest. With the arrival of file uploading, its competition with Dropbox is much stronger.

Though it’s not nearly as fun as Pinterest, Clipboard feels a bit like the pinning service’s older, more responsible brother. It lacks the fully fleshed-out cloud storage setup to unseat Dropbox, but it does fit into a niche productivity space, providing users with a quick utility for sharing files and Web content.

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