Hulu redesigns app for Apple TV with new content categories, ‘Shows You Watch’ tray, and easier playback

Hulu redesigns app for Apple TV with new content categories, ‘Shows You Watch’ tray, and ...

Hulu on Tuesday announced a brand new Apple TV app that it says features a new Hulu Plus experience designed “from the ground up.” You can get the new app now on your Apple TV, provided you are a Hulu Plus subscriber and have registered the account to your device.

So what’s new? Hulu has added content categories across the top navigation bar (TV, Movies, Kids, and Latino). Inside each category, you can see what’s new in Hulu’s content library, including new shows as well as ones that you already watch.

Here’s how it looks:


If you prefer to stick to just your shows, however, there’s also a new “Shows You Watch” tray (also in the above screenshot). This is for those of you who want to ensure “you never miss a new episode or lose your place in a series,” according to Hulu.

Last but certainly not least, Hulu has made playback slightly easier with a minor but important feature. Once you decide on the show you want to watch, all you have to do is press the Play button and the latest episode of the series will automatically start playing. Furthermore, while an episode or clip is playing you can to turn on captions by holding down the Select button until Subtitles and Audio appears. Both of these are minor, but also changes that you’ll likely use frequently once you get into the habit.

Hulu says you’ll need the latest firmware to get this new app (Settings => General => Update Software) and of course have a Hulu Plus account. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can sign up at and log in with your new credentials on your Apple TV, or just create one an account directly through Apple TV by using your existing iTunes account.

Top Image Credit: MJimages

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