Use with caution: SocialBro makes it easy to run marketing campaigns via Twitter DMs

Use with caution: SocialBro makes it easy to run marketing campaigns via Twitter DMs

I’m a big fan of SocialBro; as we’ve said in the past, it’s a great way of managing your Twitter account and drilling down into deep information your audience. Now the Spanish startup, which particularly targets businesses with its app, has launched something I’m a little torn about.

Marketing campaigns run via Twitter DMs are thankfully a rare occurrence, but if they’re something you’re into, SocialBro now allows you to manage campaigns involving sending template-based DMs to up to 250 followers per day.

The company is keen to stress that it doesn’t want its users spamming their followers, and to be fair there are certain situations where sending out DMs en-masse would be useful – for example, to competition winners or to notify them of an offer they may be interested in.

SocialBro’s filters allow you to narrow down the audience for your DM campaign (or you can target specific users by setting up a List in Twitter), and then set up personalization of username, first name, full name and location. So, for example you could set up a DM campaign such as “Hi [Firstname], you are one of our influential followers from London working in Marketing & SM! We have an offer for you.”

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If you’re targeting more users than the 250 DMs per day limit will allow, you can stagger them to send out over multiple days. A report is available to track how far the campaign has progressed.

While I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that sending out bulk DMs isn’t too appealing, there’s no doubt that many users running marketing-focused accounts will love the concept, and it’s a solid addition to SocialBro’s Twitter tools arsenal.

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