DealAngel’s new Trends feature helps you book a hotel at the right time to get a good price

DealAngel’s new Trends feature helps you book a hotel at the right time to get a good price

DealAngel is a hotel search and booking site that looks to separate itself from the competition in a busy sector by offering price comparisons based on long-term trends to work out if you really are getting a good deal. Now it’s launched a new feature to help you book at the right time too, by advising you on whether you should act now or wait.

Say you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam. The DealAngel Trends service monitors trends in pricing across hotels in the city. If prices have generally been rising lately, DealAngel may advise you to book right away. However, if prices have started to fall, you can sign up for an email alert when they start to go up again. This way, you can hopefully take advantage of a cut-price bargain just before a more widespread price rise in the city.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.52.28As someone who finds himself booking hotel rooms regularly, I find that there’s generally not much variation in what the price comparison sites offer, and you can often get just as good a deal by booking directly with a hotel anyway. Backed by Foresight Ventures and having completed TechStars Boulder last year, DealAngel is trying some interesting innovations to make the whole process more worthwhile.

In addition to DealAngel Trends, the startup recently launched an API to allow other sites to take advantage of its service. Expected to launch fully next month, the first partner to take advantage of it was Gogobot, in a partnership announced late last year.

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