The duo behind Glif and Cosmonaut return to Kickstarter with Simple Bracket app for March Madness

The duo behind Glif and Cosmonaut return to Kickstarter with Simple Bracket app for March Madness

Studio Neat, the duo behind hugely successful Kickstarter projects like the Glif tripod mount for iPhone and the Cosmonaut stylus, are back with a new arrival on the crowdsourced funding site. This time, however, they are eschewing the world of physical design to create Simple Bracket: an iPhone app for filling in March Madness college basketball brackets and competing with friends.

For those who aren’t familiar with March Madness, it’s a time of year where 68 college basketball teams play in a single elimination tournament. As Studio Neat notes, it “has become something of a national pastime for fans to fill out a bracket of their predictions for how the tournament will play out”, even President Obama takes part.

Unfortunately, the current apps out there for “bracketology” tend to fall short, and that’s where Simple Bracket hopes to makes its mark. It users a re-thought user interface, improved scoring system and allow for more engagement and sharing through an integration with Twitter.

Interestingly, the app interface ditches traditional scoring cards for a new look that’s optimized for the iPhone’s screen size, as shown in the video below.

The project is looking to raise $10,000, and creators Studio Neat detail that “the app is essentially complete, with only some minor refinement work to be done over the next month.”


Regardless of your interest in sports, it’s exciting to see such aesthetic value and fresh thinking applied to a space that is normally not receiving a ton of attention from the design community. See the project for yourself via the link below:

➤ Simple Bracket by Studio Neat on Kickstarter

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