Would Love 2: A less intimidating version of Bang With Friends for dating, not hookups

Would Love 2: A less intimidating version of Bang With Friends for dating, not hookups

A site called Bang With Friends recently grabbed headlines when it launched as a fun, if subtle-as-a-sledgehammer, way of working out which of your Facebook friends were up for hooking up with you. Now Would Love 2 has emerged as a less intimidating, more accessible version of the same idea.

Like Bang With Friends, the idea of this iOS app is that you mark which Facebook friends you’re interested in, save your ‘wishlist’ to an online ‘locker’ and then if any of those friends also use the app and add you to their list, you’re both notified.

While its better known rival is unashamedly focused on hookups (check the NSFW URL of this page if you’re in any doubt), Would Love 2 is designed as a dating app for friends who may be too shy to ask each other out. Unlike Bang With Friends, it has supported same-sex matches as well as opposite sex ones from the off.


In fact, UK-based developer Daniel Kolodziej says that Would Love 2 was first to market with the idea, by way of an app called iLove FB that did the same thing. Creator Phillipa Adam built the app as a way of helping her friends make the first move without being rejected or left feeling foolish. She then brought in Kolodziejj who rebranded and tidied the app up into the form it’s in now.

It’s early days for Would Love 2, but the duo behind it have a deal with Teesside University Student Union in Middlesborough, UK to promote the app there during Valentines week events. However, there’s sure to be a much wider appeal here.

The free-to-download app is monetized through an in-app purchase of 69p ($1.09) to unlock a match if one occurs, which is a real gamble on plenty of matches taking place, and for that Adam and Kolodziej are going to need scale. To help with this, an Android version is expected to launch in the next few days, although it’s likely to be some time before the duo will make any money based on the current model.

So, if you like the idea of finding out once and for all which of your friends are up for a date rather than just a bit of meaningless sex, Would Love 2 is a free app and available on the App Store now.

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