Poker Postgame: A note-taking app to help improve your poker game and learn from your mistakes

Poker Postgame: A note-taking app to help improve your poker game and learn from your mistakes

If you like to dabble a little bit in the poker world, you’re probably more than familiar with that feeling of regret when you play a bad hand you knew you shouldn’t have played. Discipline is an imperative quality in any good poker player, and goes some way towards stacking ‘luck’ in your favor.

But with potentially hundreds, or even thousands, of hands dealt in any given game, how do you go about learning from you mistakes? Particularly if there’s beer involved, it can be easy to forget all those bad moves you made.

That’s where Poker Postgame wants to help, an iOS app that lets you ‘record’ your every move on the poker table. Now, by ‘record’, we’re not talking about video or audio, it’s more of a note-taking app to enable you to recall the exact sequence of events – hands, bets, folds, raises, and everything in between.

Granted, this will likely only appeal to the more serious players, but poker and, more specifically, Texas hold ’em, has soared in popularity in recent times, fueled by the easy access to online casinos. There’s a certainly a market for this type of app.

How it works

First up, it’s worth noting that Poker Postgame works in landscape only, which probably makes sense given the layout.

When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to create a new hand. You can include the names of people you’re playing with, and the number of chips (‘stack size’).


You can then add each player’s hand, and the table cards (flop, turn and river), as the cards are flipped.


And you can record the intricacies of each hand, including betting patterns such as raises and ‘all-ins’.


While there are other note-taking apps out there, such as PokerLiveNotes, Poker Live Tracker, Poker Notebook and Poker Track, Poker Postgame is a worthy addition to the table, with a nice ‘visual’ design and layout. It features a custom Poker-centric keyboard that makes it easy to enter card details, and bets can be recorded with a deft swipe of the finger.

The app creators say that they set out to streamline the note-taking process, meaning that players can record information in the order they actually remember it. Indeed, it features shorthand notations such as ‘Rag’ for a duff card, and ‘Raindbow’ for multi-suit flops.

“Our recall of events isn’t always chronological, so Postgame allows players to record details in the order they remember them,” the company behind the app says. “[Other similar apps] have all taken a list-based approach to laying out the players and betting information. We didn’t think that was the right way to go. Instead, we came up with the grid-based approach where you can act on any player at a time. We found this really speeds up the entry of a hand. You spend a lot less time navigating in the app and more time filling out the details.”

Indeed, if you’re an aspiring poker player looking to analyze your game and make improvements, then this might just be worth the $1.99 pricetag.

Poker Postgame | iOS

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